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“I like to think that I was ahead of the curve,” says Karim Mulji, the soft-spoken Pakistani native behind the Karim Jewelry line and Beverly Hills boutique. But despite the swelling popularity of Asian-influenced jewelry like his, Mulji has been carving out his own niche since the mid-eighties and sees no reason to change now. His richly detailed pieces, crafted in Pakistan of 21-karat gold, borrow elements from the Indian Mughal style as well as the Victorian era, but they’re anything but traditional. His shoulder-brushing earrings, pendants, and rings might feature black leather cords or dramatic color combinations like turquoise and ruby. “There’s an old saying that one stone cuts the other,” Mulji says, “But if you have a good eye, then one stone can complement the other.”

KARIM Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor, Anjelino Jolie, Courtney Cox, Mary J. Blige, Sandra Bullock, Brandy, Nelli Furtado, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson, Olivia Newton-Johan, Toni Braxton Hillary, Duff Paula Abdul, Patti Labelle

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